Women's Studies Courses

Courses in women’s studies (designated WMST) may be applied as appropriate (according to individual program requirements) toward

  • the general education requirement for behavioral and social sciences (Note: Only WMST 200 applies)
  • a minor in women’s studies
  • an AA in General Studies with women’s studies curriculum
  • a certificate in women’s studies
  • electives

UMUC offers a limited number of courses each session in this discipline.

Introduction to Women’s Studies: Women and Society (3 Credits, WMST 200)

An interdisciplinary study of the status, roles, and experiences of women in contemporary society. The aim is to recognize the impact of gender in all academic disciplines; analyze political, economic, social, and cultural issues through a feminist lens; and apply knowledge of local and global issues to affect positive change in women’s lives. Discussion covers women’s experiences across geography and history. Topics include gender and other identities, systems of privilege and inequality, sexuality, and power relations.