Take LIBS 150: Our 1-Credit Starter Course

Take LIBS 150 on-site as a first step towards earning a degree.

LIBS 150 Introduction to Research is now Available On-site

Introduction to Research (1 Credits, LIBS 150) is now available as a hybrid on-site/online course for UMUC Europe students.  

LIBS 150 is the ideal course for new students to learn how to research and cite at the collegiate level. It is a one-credit seminar that takes fewer than four weeks to complete in the on-site format, and it will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to make that university leap. 

The course objectives for LIBS 150 include:

  • Identifying a research topic
  • Introducing various information sources
  • Evaluating the quality of information found
  • Citing information properly and avoiding plagiarism

Courses start on 20 August. You’ll meet twice with your professor and fellow students on-site in class and you will also complete a portion of the course online.   

LIBS 150 is a required course for degree-seeking students. So whether you are new to UMUC or already on your program track, now is the time to enroll.  Check our schedule or reach out to your local UMUC office for times and locations nearest you.

We look forward to seeing you in class!


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