Tuition Rates and Fees

UMUC Europe Tuition Rates 2017-2018

Europe Tuition Rates2017-2018
Undergraduate Courses$228.00/credit hour
Graduate Courses$304.00/credit hour

Effective for classes starting in Fall 2017.

Europe sites are located in the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Downrange Tuition Rates2017-2018
Undergraduate On-site Courses$250.00/credit hour
Undergraduate Online Courses$228.00/credit hour
Graduate On-site Courses$450.00/credit hour
Graduate Online Courses$304.00/credit hour

Effective for classes starting in Fall 2017.

Downrange sites are located in the following countries: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt (Sinai), Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and The United Arab Emirates.

Due to contractual requirements, downrange graduate students are eligible to apply for the Master of Business Administration (MBA), MS in Cybersecurity Technology, MS in Information Technology, MS in Management--Criminal Justice Management or Homeland Security Management programs and pay the downrange tuition rates indicated above. Downrange students interested in other graduate programs may apply to the UMUC stateside campus and pay stateside tuition rates.


Fee Type
Undergraduate Application

The application is a non-refundable fee for establishing your permanent record, the official university document from which transcripts are issued. Payment should be made through MyUMUC the first time the eApplication is completed.

GoArmyEd students, who complete a Common Application in the GoArmyEd portal, should pay the fee through MyUMUC before the course begins. This fee is not required if you are a consortium student unless you declare an intent to pursue a certificate or degree through UMUC Europe.

Graduate Application

The application is a non-refundable fee if you apply for a graduate program with UMUC Europe. The application fee must accompany the online application for graduate admission (eApplication) available through MyUMUC.

GoArmyEd students, who complete a Common Application in the GoArmyEd portal, should pay the fee through MyUMUC before the course begins.

Returned Check

Students will incur a charge for any check returned unpaid by a bank. A student who stops payment on a check for tuition is neither disenrolled nor relieved of responsibility for paying tuition and fees.

Examination to Establish Credit
Current Tuition Rate per Credit

This fee is charged for each credit that the student seeks to establish through UMUC course-challenge examinations and UMUC Europe foreign language examinations. The fee should accompany the application for examination.

Official Transcript

The fee for ordering each academic transcript issued by UMUC is $10, except those sent to an alliance school. No fees are charged for transcripts sent to alliance schools, including the Community College of the Air Force.

Rush Official Transcript

A special handling fee is charged for transcripts processed and mailed or faxed within 24 business hours.

Certificate/ Graduation Application

For each certificate and graduation application filed, students are assessed an application fee.

Cap and Gown

Each graduate who plans to attend commencement is responsible for purchasing their own cap and gown.

Field Study
3 Credit-Hour Course + Fees

The tuition for a field study course is the same as any 3-credit course. Additionally, you may be charged a hotel accommodation fee depending on the specific course. If you cancel the course after the registration deadline, you will be charged a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may be waived if you must cancel due to official, duty-related reasons and you submit appropriate documentation.

Noncredit Course Fee: Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC
All Other Noncredit Courses (Designated ASC or UCSP)

All Other Noncredit Courses (Designated ASC or UCSP)

UMUC Stateside and UMUC Asia Campus Fees and Activity

Charges incurred from UMUC Stateside or UMUC Asia campuses will be reflected on the student's financial account along with any UMUC Europe charges. The student may direct all financial account inquiries to the UMUC Europe Business Office only if they are officially listed as a UMUC Europe student at the time of registration.

Textbook Fees

Most UMUC courses will use e-resources and open-source materials available to you at no cost.

Select courses may require you to purchase textboooks through your campus' webText online store or the UMUC virtual bookstore. As with tuition charges, textbook charges are the responsibility of the student.


UMUC offers a variety of convenient ways to pay for your education-related expenses. We also provide you with a wealth of resources to programs such as scholarships and government-assisted education benefits, so that you can comfortably pursue your educational goals.

To assist you with financing your education, UMUC accepts several payment options, including:

  • Online credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover)
  • Paper checks and money orders
  • Military or employer provided TA (third party payments)
  • UMUC Europe employee, spouse, and dependent children TA (ROF)
  • Scholarship awards, federal grants, federal and private loans
  • Monthly payment plans

Making a Payment in MyUMUC

You can easily pay your account balance online anytime by using your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit card.

When a transaction occurs on your student account, you will receive an invoice. Your invoice will be sent to the e-mail address on file, but you can always review your account and pay your balance online 24 hours a day, seven days a week through MyUMUC.

Paying by Check or Money Order

If you prefer to make check or money order payments, please mail the payment directly to the UMUC Europe Business Office. Make all checks and money orders payable to University of Maryland University College Europe.

Military or Employer Provided Tuition Assistance

If financing your education with military or civilian TA (known as a third party payment), please provide verification to the UMUC program coordinator in your local UMUC office. If TA is pending, you should contact the Third Party Office to explain the circumstances via for military students or for non-military students.

Tuition assistance documents are typically written forms issued by a third party agency that guarantees payment. Military and civilian TA forms should be completed and signed by the appropriate authorizing official. You may submit forms and inquiries to the Third Party Office.


Army students who have registered through the GoArmyEd portal do not need to submit TA forms, as GoArmyEd automates the third party payment process.

If you are an active duty Air Force student, you do not need to submit TA forms; however, you must verify that TA is digitally signed and approved within the AI Portal for UMUC to retrieve electronically.

Financial Aid and VA

You may also qualify for Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits and other forms of financial assistance. Scholarship awards and other third party documents must include the financier's name, billing address, and amount awarded.

Indebtedness to the University

If you incur debts to UMUC, you must clear them to be permitted to register. Requests for services (including transcripts and diplomas) are denied until all debts have been paid. Outstanding debts are collected against refunds due to you. After a reasonable period of time, uncollected debts are forwarded to the Central Collection Unit of the State Attorney General’s Office.

If you fail to pay charges incurred with UMUC, UMUC has the authority to deem your account delinquent and transfer it to the State of Maryland Central Collection Unit (SCCU). UMUC has also received authorization from the Board of Regents to charge students’ delinquent accounts a 17 percent collection fee and/or all attorney or court costs incurred by the university. Once a past-due balance with UMUC has been transferred to the State Central Collection Unit, your information is reported to a credit bureau.

You can contact SCCU at +1-800-705-3493 or +1-410-767-1220.

Business Office


UMUC Europe
Attn: Business Office
Unit 29216
APO AE 09004
(from the U.S. and overseas commands)


UMUC Europe
Attn: Business Office
Hertelsbrunnenring 10
67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany (for non-U.S. post)

Note: Mail should be addressed to the attention of Student Accounts. When a balance is unpaid and 90 days past due, the debt is forwarded to the State Central Collection Unit (SCCU) of the State Attorney General's Office (of the State of Maryland), which may report the debt to major credit reporting entities. A 17 percent fee will be assessed by the State of Maryland for all debts submitted to SCCU. Once a debt is sent to SCCU, payment must be made directly to SCCU. Students can contact SCCU at +1-800-705-3493 or +1-410-767-1220, or

We thank you for choosing UMUC and look forward to assisting you throughout the duration of your education.