Official Evaluation / Academic Advisement Report

Tentative Evaluation (Fast Plan)

As a prospective or newly admitted student, you can request a no-cost review of your potential transfer credit from your academic advisor. This review is an estimate of the academic credit UMUC may accept toward a particular degree and of the remaining requirements needed. Please submit an electronic request to obtain a tentative evaluation.

Official Evaluation / Academic Advisement Report

The purpose of the official evaluation/academic advisement report (AAR) is to show your certificate or degree progress and to help you select appropriate courses. Official evaluations are available when you have been admitted and are completing a UMUC certificate or degree.

You are responsible for submitting all pertinent academic documents (such as academic transcripts, confirmation of credit conferred by examination, or records of credit from military service schools) during your first session at UMUC. If you have not completed at least 24 credits of transferable college coursework, you must also submit high school transcripts (or equivalent).

An official evaluation/academic advisement report

  • Includes all transfer credits applicable to your degree program
  • Lists all courses you have completed at UMUC
  • Incorporates other types of academic credit
  • Remains in effect only while you remain continuously enrolled

An official evaluation/academic advisement report is based on the curriculum in effect when you first registered with UMUC or any Maryland public two- or four-year school provided there has been no break in your enrollment exceeding two years.

In your academic advisement report, courses are applied to the most appropriate requirement remaining to be filled. Courses that could apply to multiple requirements are assigned to the first relevant category in the following order: requirements for your academic major, general education requirements, requirements for your minor (if you have one), and electives. Verification of other degree-wide requirements (such as minimum number of upper-level credits) follows and may affect the remaining credits you need for the degree. You should review the specific notes indicating remaining requirements found at the top of the report under "Important Information for Your Success."

You can access your AAR through MyUMUC.

  • Log in to MyUMUC for Students.
  • In the left navigation under Degree Planning select Academic Advisement Report.
  • Select View AAR (Full Version).

Documents Required for an Official Evaluation

To obtain your official evaluation/academic advising report (AAR), you need to submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities you previously attended, including other institutions of the University System of Maryland, whether or not transfer credit is requested or granted. Once all documentation is received, you will be notified by e-mail that your AAR has been completed and can be viewed in MyUMUC for Students.

Documents required for an official evaluation include

  • CLEP, USAFI/DSST, Excelsior College Exams, or other test results, as appropriate
  • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended—the form Transcript Request (UMAA-002) is available at education centers or online.
  • Appropriate military documents
  • Industry-specific certifications

An official evaluation cannot be started until an official transcript has been received directly from each institution attended, even when credit from one institution is posted on the transcript of another institution. It is your responsibility to ensure that all appropriate documents have been received by UMUC.

You may request an official evaluation/academic advisement report for a new program or new major/minor by contacting your academic advisor.

During your first session at UMUC, all records of previous educational experiences must be sent directly from each issuing institution (or other source, in the case of military documents) to the appropriate address, depending on carrier.

If electronic transcripts are available using one of the following networks — SPEEDE, Credentials, Parchment Exchange, National Student Clearinghouse, or eSCRIP-SAFE — they can be sent directly from the issuing institution to UMUC. Visit Submit Your Transcripts to UMUC for additional information.

To ensure you receive all applicable transfer credit, list all institutions on the Application for Admission or, for GoArmyEd students, on your Common Application.


By completing the Common Application in the GoArmyEd portal, UMUC is notified that an official evaluation/student agreement is requested for a GoArmyEd student.

Review of International Records

If you are seeking a review of potential transfer credit from any international postsecondary educational institutions you may have attended, you need to

  • Be admitted and be seeking an undergraduate degree at UMUC.
  • Mail your official international school documents or other official educational documents to the international credit evaluation services selected by UMUC.
  • Provide unofficial copies of the above documents to your academic advisor, if you are requesting a tentative evaluation.
  • Pay fees associated with the international evaluation.
  • Have all official transcripts from any U.S. institution you previously attended sent to UMUC (see addresses listed below).
  • Submit documentation to verify English proficiency, if required.

Record Submission by Mail

Via U.S. Postal Service

Attn: Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
3501 University Boulevard East
Adelphi, MD 20783-8070

Via UPS, Fed-Ex, or other Parcel Service

Attn: Transcripts
University of Maryland University College
1616 McCormick Drive, Room 2386
Largo, MD 20774

Curriculum Planning Sheets

UMUC degree-seeking students receive their official evaluation in the form of the curriculum planning sheet or a virtual "academic advisement report" that will:

  • Indicate the requirements that have been completed both through UMUC courses and through transfer of other credit, if applicable.
  • Show remaining requirements in each part of the certificate/degree curriculum.

Students can use their curriculum planning sheet to help them select suitable courses toward a UMUC certificate or degree. While the virtual academic advisement report is automatically updated as students enroll in UMUC courses, the curriculum planning sheet needs to be updated by the student. Students should also refer to their academic program to ensure their selections fulfill the certificate and degree requirements. Students receiving VA educational benefits or federal financial aid must follow the curriculum planning sheet closely. No award can be made for any course that does not fit into the student's degree program. Course selection advice is also available upon request from UMUC Europe academic advisors.

Tutorial: How to Read Your Advisement Report (AAR)

Learn how to read and understand your undergraduate academic advisement report (AAR).

Important Information for Servicemembers

UMUC’s agreement with the military services requires military students to submit all necessary documents and obtain a degree plan with UMUC by the deadline as stipulated by the service. Academic advisors can assist with further information.

Students who are pursuing an associate's degree with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) already have degree plans and are exempt from this requirement.