Why Choose UMUC?

At University of Maryland University College, you can achieve your true potential—one class, one semester, one accomplishment at a time. Get ready for your best, most confident self to emerge.

A Recognized and Respected University

A degree earned at UMUC carries respect across the nation and around the world. UMUC is accredited and adheres to standards set by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. And UMUC is one of the 12 member institutions of the renowned University System of Maryland.

What does it mean for something to be made for you? Is it customized? Tailor-made? A perfect fit? For us, it’s much more than that. At University of Maryland University College, it means we were built from the ground up with you, the working adult, as our sole focus. Your needs drive everything we do—and have for the past 70 years.

Career-Relevant Academics

From soft skills to industry-specific expertise, UMUC can help you become more valuable in your current role and in the job market. We offer 90+ degrees, specializations, and certificates, including programs in high-growth fields like cybersecurity, business, and social sciences.

Classes are taught by knowledgeable faculty, many of whom bring industry experience and real-world perspectives. Our curriculum is designed so what you're learning can be applied right away on the job, helping you to build your professional value from your very first class. The skills, knowledge, and confidence you develop throughout your studies can help you to stand out in the competitive job market, expand your career options, and achieve more financial security.

Convenient and Flexible Learning Options

At UMUC, you can design a class schedule to fit your busy life schedule. With multiple start dates each semester, we make it easier to balance classes with work and family responsibilities. 

UMUC’s worldwide programs extend to 140+ locations in 20+ countries and territories around the globe. UMUC Europe provides access to on-site courses at military installations throughout the command and global access with thousands of online course opportunities. By combining traditional academic values with innovative learning formats, UMUC helps active duty servicemembers, civilians, and families worldwide achieve their academic goals.

In addition to choosing when and how you learn, you can choose from a wide range of minors, specializations, and certificates to customize your academic program with a specialized skill set.

Affordable Tuition and Financing Options

UMUC offers a wide range of options to make your education more affordable. We'll work with you to explore all financing options—from scholarships to lower tuition rates for members of the military community—to find a path that works for your budget.

In addition, we accept transfer credits and offer fast paths to credit for college-level learning you acquired on the job, in the military, or through other experiences. These options help many students graduate faster and save money.

Military-and Veteran-Trusted

Since our founding in 1947, UMUC has been dedicated to the education of military servicemembers, veterans, and their families. In the last year, around 15,000 students enrolled with UMUC Europe at one of 50+ sites throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East; worldwide, more than 84,000 students enrolled with UMUC.

To best meet the needs of military and veteran students, we have specially trained and dedicated staff who can help you navigate benefits, relocations, and other challenges unique to military-affiliated students, and we created a Veterans Resource Center to help make the transition to civilian life easier. If you are an active duty servicemember or veteran, you may be eligible for veterans education benefits

Top Questions About UMUC Answered

What does regional accreditation mean, and why does accreditation matter?

UMUC is accredited and adheres to standards set by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. UMUC is one of the 12 member institutions of the renowned University System of Maryland.

Taking courses from a regionally accredited school makes transferring credits easier. More importantly, regional accreditation adds credibility and respect to your degree. To earn accreditation, a university must pass a peer review by faculty and administrators from similar institutions.

Will a UMUC degree help further my career?

UMUC's academic programs are designed to be practical, applicable, and career-relevant. Our classes are taught by faculty who bring real-world experience to the classroom. Our curriculum is aligned with the skills and knowledge most sought after in today's competitive job market.

Can I afford to attend UMUC?

With special military tuition rates, flexible transfer credit programs, scholarships, and financial aid, UMUC can help you bring a degree within reach. We'll help you develop a plan that's affordable for you.

Can a UMUC education fit my lifestyle?

With online, on-site, and hybrid classes as well as rolling admission and multiple start dates each term, we make it easy to fit education into your life. Plus, we offer flexible transfer credit options and fast paths to credit, including credit for military experience, prior learning, and learning on the job.